Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What I am Currently Working On ~ Wreath of Roses

Here is what I picked back up after finishing up the Halloween project last week (which was my first finish of 2016 - YaY!). This is actually called Hummingbirds and it's by Janlynn, but I thought the title was best suited as Wreath of Roses for now ;) There will be 2 hummingbirds that go in the center of the wreath. Boy this one is making me think of Spring! This was another started project from last year for DUCJC2015. 

This was my starting point when I picked it back up. I had worked on it some in the month of Oct. 2015. Since picking it back up I have finished the flowers, leaves, and started another big pink rose in the left hand part of the circle. I think in less than 2 weeks I can have this one finished hopefully as we are leaving for the cruise on the 31st! The good thing about this one is there isn't that much backstitching. I almost started on one of the hummingbirds last night, but for now I have decided to continue on with the wreath.

Will keep you posted with updates!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

First Finish of 2016!!! and some other Ramblings!

Here is my first finish of 2016:

It was a Janlynn Kit called Welcome to Our Haunted Home. Finished about 2am on 01/13/16. I started this for the DUCJC2015 on 01/25/15. I put a few stitches in on that day, and didn't really pick it back up until Oct. 2015. I took the Aida that was in the kit and ice dyed it myself. It orginally a white, but I really like it on this so much better! I am thinking I will probably make it into a flat fold or a cube for display this coming Halloween.

Onto other news (since it's been so long).... My son was deployed back the first of October which was a very stressful time for me and our family. My grandfather passed away Sept. 25th and the funeral was about a week later, and after attending the funeral my son shipped out for deployment overseas a few days later on Oct. 5th. To deal with a close death and then saying goodbye to your soon for a while with the worries of his safety was a really trying time. My son is doing good. I am lucky enough that he can call me weekly! I told him he better find somehow, someway to let me know he is okay every week.

I have been stitching daily since the New Year started. I am now planning on working on another DUCJC2015 start from last year. It will be another big finish like the Halloween one. It shouldn't take no more than a week or two to finish it up as I would say I am about 75% done with it, and there isn't that much backstitching.

This year I didn't set resolutions - I set goals! Which can kinda be the same thing I guess, but "goals" sounds better to me! 

Goals List:
- To try and stitch Daily
- Get my Quilting Studio organized
- To quilt more
- To lose some weight - (hey I would be happy with 25 lbs even though I need to lose alot more!)
- To make better food choices
- To excerise some (even if it's 15 mins several times a week - it's better than zero!)
- To travel MORE!!

Speaking of traveling... I took my first cruise a few days after Thanksgiving in 2015 and we leave for another cruise Jan. 31st! We are taking our other son on a cruise for his early graduation. He has enough credits to graduate early - well technically he graduates in June and walks across the stage, but he is done with highschool and doesn't go back til it's time to graduate. We are so proud of him. I will have to talk more about my first cruise with some pictures on another post. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years and that you all are stitching your hearts away!