Thursday, July 28, 2016

Making Progress on WIPS!!

Hello Everyone :)

How are you all doing? I hope well and stitching away and getting all the things you want done!

First off I want to tell you about my Sunday night. I was sitting in my stitchy spot stitching away and my 16 yr old daughter calls all upset and crying and I knew when the phone rang something was wrong cause she doesn't like to text or call when driving (which is a very good thing!). She was on her way home from work and was at a stop sign and was rear ended. The guy who rear ended her pulled off into the parking lot where she did and told her not to call her parents or the police and wanted her to follow him to a not so good area. I heard him in the background while she was talking to me saying "no, no". I told her if her drove off to try and get his license plate number and pay attention for a description of him and the car. Sure enough he left the scene, and we arrived there and we were waiting on the police. They faulted him 100% and are currently looking for him. What in the world is wrong with people today? And this was a middle aged man! My daughter thinks by the way he was acting and talking he was on something! But as a mother I am scared to pieces over how he wanted her to follow him into a bad part of town! Why did he want her to do that?? I have taught her to lock her doors as soon as she enters her car, and she only rolled the window down a couple of inches. Needless to say she was physically okay but really shaken up. She has only had her license for about a month now and to have this happen. Anyhow, I am just thankful she is ok!

Now onto some stitchy news :) ......

I managed to get alot accomplished on my Morning Praise from Dimensions. It has been nothing but varying shades of greens and browns though, so I have to put it down after so long cause I get tired of working with just those colors ;) I have gotten the area around the beehive just about done with in regards to the stitching. Just need to stitch out the bees and I am moving own down to the butterflies and flowers - yes some color!! I've made more progress than shown here, but I haven't taken any pics yet. I will soon and update in a post soon.

In between stitching the Morning Praise piece I have worked on the Mill Hill Kit Frosty Presents. It was nice to get alot done on this as a break piece. I should get it finished by today or tomorrow hopefully. I bought some felt the other day at AC Moore to back it with. This will be the first time using felt to back a Mill Hill piece, as I usually use brown craft paper. I saw a fellow Floss Tuber use felt, and liked the look of it better.

Today I have had a pretty good day so far, except going for bloodwork! Uggh, I hate needles, and they had to stick me twice. I am so hard to stick. Then I met the hubs and my son out for lunch as they got done with what they were doing early. Came home and been getting a few things done, like preparing a NEW FlossTube video for YouTube. That should be up tomorrow as I like to upload them overnight while I am sleeping :) I will make a blog post once it's up with the video.

Well, I hope everyone is stitching their hearts content and that the frog stays in the pond!!

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