Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Getting Back Into the Groove of It!!

                                      Hello Everyone :) 

How are you doing and what have you been stitching? I hope the frog has stayed away and no one has lost their stitchy bug.

Unfortunately, I did lose my stitchy bug shortly after my last post, hence the quietness that followed on here :(   Good News though, it has returned - YaY!!

I don't know where it went, but I am just glad it has returned. Have any of ya'll ever lost yours? Why did you lose yours? Over the years I have went through spurts where it has been gone. Sometimes years at a time. This time luckily it was for a few months. I think it was the current project I was working on, and the reason being that the fabric I was working with I wasn't happy with. Last Wednesday it came back, and I was able to make some good progress on some smalls!

This was a new start and finish that got me back in the groove. I had it finished in 2 days - well the stitching is finished as I still have to FFO it. FFO = Fully Finished Object :)

Up next I picked up another small and got to work on it! It was a little Christmas train that I had started a while back. Since I was just getting the bug back I didn't want to push it with anything to big to work on. I had one little line of the green started (less than what shows in the first pic, as I forgot to take a pic before starting and then remembered), and managed to finish this one in a day and a half!

Next up was a piece that the stitching was complete, but what I wanted to do to it was not! I wanted to add some additional blingy bling to it in some freehand beading. I had picked up some glass beads from Michael's and had an idea of what I wanted to do. The bigger square beads I ended up not using as they were a bit too big for this piece, but I did use the other 2 beads and some clear seed beads. The 2 charms came with the kit. I love how this has turned out - it really sparkles more in person! I also have a Starfish that I need to stitch - hasn't even been opened yet - that matches this one. 

Here is the companion piece that goes with this one. Sorry the pic isn't the best, as I just took it and it's night time here ;)

I went yesterday and got materials to make the Scallop piece into a cube, and I got enough materials to do the same for the Starfish. I went to the quilt store and picked out an awesome fabric for this. It's really just a blender, but what in my opinion makes it awesome is that I was able to get a really good matching fabric, and there was ONLY a yard left on the bolt! These colors are those really hard to find just right peachy colors. Then I went to Michael's, AC Moore, and then Walmart to finish out rounding up the needed supplies. I am planning on doing a YouTube tutorial on how to do a cube for the Scallop. I will post that video to this blog when it is up.

Now who's ready to get their mouth watering??? LOL!!! I just wanted to share with you all the delicious lunch I had yesterday while out, and if you are in the Myrtle Beach/Conway, SC area you should definitely check this place out. I have only went there for lunch, as their lunch deals are awesome. I have seen their supper menu (called dinner to some :) ) and in my opinion it's a little pricey in the $15-$30 price range for a dinner plate. But as I said they have several lunch specials that are great prices. So here is what I got for $8 (plus tax):

It's called their World Famous Lunch. You get a salad, huge slice of cheese pizza, and half a sub! Really good Italian place. For those that visit the area the info is Rotelli's Pizza and Pasta 201 Unit #109, Graduate Rd, Conway, SC 29526. No affiliation, just good food ;)

Then me and my daughter made this delicious homemade Peanut Butter Pie! Needless to say it didn't last 24 hrs even! We did add chopped Reese Cups to the top of it even though the recipe didn't call for it, and made our own graham cracker crust :)

I hope everyone has enjoyed my blog post, and having a great good 'ole stitchy time!

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