Friday, January 30, 2015

DUCJC2015 Project #30

DUCJC2015 #30:

Started 1/30. 

I choose this kit because it reminded me of the strawberry fields me and my daughter picked from last Spring. I think we walked away with 18 pounds if strawberries! I still have some in the freezer but not many. We are planning on going back this year!

This strawberry has clusters of beading that really gives it some great texture. It's hard to tell from the picture though.

I also managed to get Project #4 done tonight. I love it! I will take some pics of it tomorrow as it's taking a bath right!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

DUCJC2015 Project #29

DUCJC2015 #29:

Started 1/29. 

Started a Mill Hill kit tonight, as I wanted something easy to start. It's an older kit but such a cute star Santa.

I have really been working on the Hummingbird project I talked about in my previous post. I managed to get all the stitching done on it ans started the back stitching. Yeah!! I should have it done tomorrow! This was my starting point today.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

DUCJC2015 Project #28 and Pink Hand Dyed Fabby :)

DUCJC2015 #28:

Started 1/28.

Hello Everyone :) So glad you have stopped by to visit me! I think this is the most I have ever blogged in my entire life ~ LOL! I am thoroughly enjoying it. So besides having lots of fun with the DUCJC2015 I have come away with an appreciation of blogging!

First off I wanted to show you the start of me dyeing my Aida that came in this kit, and then the finished result. I love dyeing as it is such a fun process and you never really know what results you are going to get until it's done. The HARD part is having patience..teehee! I think, or to me personally, it makes it really extra fun to stitch on a project when there is some hand dyed fabric or floss. I really love the variances in color. With me also being a quilter I really love, love, love color!

Secondly, is my progress on my new start on my hand dyed fabric. The computer screen on my end is showing it darker than in real life, but good enough to get a good idea. Once again it is dark here or I would probably get better pictures in daylight, but this is just when the time for me to get pics and blog and update on Facebook.

Thirdly, I have been working on the last 2.5 days working on DUCJC2015 Project #4. I was really bad sick when I started that project. Isn't it funny how you can remember life events when you see certain projects! Actually I am farther along than this as this was my starting point for today and I have 3 or 4 leave completely stitched on it, and getting ready to start a morning glory. I should have this one done by the weekend!

Lastly, my hubby had to take me to the ER last night around 11 pm. Yesterday morning I woke up with severe right side mid abdomen pain and it went around to my lower back. I also got nauseous on my stomach. I was going to have him take me yesterday morning, but as I was taking a shower to leave for the ER, it subsided quite a bit. For the remainder of the day, I didn't feel good, and still felt somewhat sick to my stomach. After looking symptoms up on Google I started worrying that it was possibly my appendix, so when the pain came back intense last night I had him take me. They done a CAT Scan, took urine, and gave me morphine for pain and something for the nausea. CAT Scan showed my appendix to be fine and he said he couldn't see any big kidney stone, but there was some blood in my urine, so he was thinking I probably passed a kidney stone, even though I have never had any before. He told me to come back if in 12-24 hours iy pain comes back or doesn't get any better. There has been a little residual pain today, but nothing like yesterday. I have been having some kidney problems as the last of November and the first of Decemeber I had to go to the doctor regarding a kidney infection and then a bladder infection, so I am wondering if it was due to kidney stone issues. He did say there wasn't any infection in my urine so that was one good thing. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Finished my Valentine SAL and DUCJC2015 #14

Here is my 4th finish for 2015!! Finished this one on 1/25, and I love it. I used my hand dyed floss for the green and love how it turned out. I think, if memory serves me correctly, this is my first valentine piece I have done in all my years of stitching!

I will try and find a frame for it by this weekend, so I can display it this year!

P.s. - Sorry this isn't the best picture, it was after dark.

First 3 Finishes for 2015

Here is my first 3 finished in 2015. I didn't write down and I can't remember the exact dates (something I need to get better at) but I know they were all three finished in January 2015. This is also DUCJC2015 Project #'s 2, 7, and 10!

Also to explain at little at how I personally look at my finished projects. I consider a finish to be when all the stitching is done. I consider something completed when I have it's finished to what I intend to use it for -  like backing these with paper and adding the hanger to them. But that's just me :)

DUCJC2015 Project #27

DUCJC2015 #27:

Started 1/27. I love this cute whimsical kit called Checking His List. The dog at his feet is super adorable! It also comes with a musical chip that plays Jingle Bells.

I am going to hand dye a piece of fabric for tomorrow's start if it's done in time, and if not I have plenty of others to choose from :)

Monday, January 26, 2015

DUCJC Project #26

DUCJC2015 #26:

Started 1/26. I have wanted to start this kit for a really long time. I even managed to buy 2 of these kits - LOL! I just love the hummingbird, butterflies, flowers, and bees and the look of this one.

This also gets me caught up on this challenge - YEAH!!

On another note I finished my Project #14 last night which is also my Valentine SAL. I meant to iron it and take a picture of it today, but my daughter was home really bad sick today, and I took her to the doctor. The test for the flu came back negative, but all her symptoms point to the flu, and the doctor said with this new strain of flu it was making them come back a false negative. So he put her on Tamiflu and gave her something for he nausea. She will be home til Thursday probably.

DUCJC2015 Project #25

DUCJC2015 #25

Started 1/26. Another Mill Hill kit. Cute little snowman with presents. I am going to have alot of handmade ornies for my tree this year :)

DUCJC2015 Project #24

DUCJC2015 #24:

Started 1/26. I managed to get Santa's head there and started the very top line of his bag. I love M.H. kits!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Some Hand Dyed Fabrics and Flosses

I wanted to share some photos with everyone who visits me here in blog land. 

A couple of weeks ago I was playing around and dyed some fabrics that was in kits and just some random floss. I have dyed quilt fabric before and had a blast with that about 5 or 6 years ago, so playing around with this was natural. This was the first time I tried the ice dyeing techinuqe though, and I really liked it. The only problem I had was being patient while the ice melted to see what the fabric was going to turn out to be :) LOL!

I did dye 1 more floss that was used in DUCJC2015 #14 and also for the Valentine SAL, so if you would like to see that one please check out this post:

Here is a better picture of the fabric above after I started stitching on it to show better how much prettier it really is. It was nighttime and lighting wasn't that great.

This is my favorite floss so far below. Even my hubby really liked this one. It kinda reminds me of a multi-colored snow cone :) But I have no clue as to what to stitch with it yet.

DUCJC2015 Proect #23

DUCJC2015 #23:

Started 1/25. I love, love, love this one. I have been on a hummingbird kick here lately. Several projects that I started for this challenge has hummingbirds in them. I also love the hollyhocks in this design. This is an older and probably OOP kit that was in my stash.

I also hand dyed the fabric in this kit as I wanted a "sky" for this design, but as I was looking closer at the design right before stitching I realized I am going to have to stitch white in for the fence, which is ok with me as I really like the color this one came out :) 

DUCJC2015 Project #22

DUCJC2015 #22:

Started 1/25. First off I took the white Aida in this kit and hand dyed it. I think it turned out perfect for this Halloween design. It's called Welcome to our Haunted House. I am pretty sure I am going to rework the eyes on the ghost and bat as I don't like them. They look cross eyed to me in the design, so I am going to make them look "normal" lol or maybe even a little spooky! 

I think I will have to make me some more of this hand dyed fabric for a couple of other projects - even add a little more purple to it!

DUCJC2015 Project #21

DUCJC2015 #21: 

Started 1/25. This is a design by Debbie Mumm called Sunny Days Angel. I love the whimsical design of this one. Again, once I can get back around to it it will stitch up fast. At least it's all gridded.

DUCJC2015 Project #20

DUCJC2015 #20:

Started 1/25. Daydreams Jeweled Tree kit. This one will stitch up fast when I can get back to it. It only uses 1 strand of floss so it gives it a delicate look. I also like that it comes with the glass and pretty much everything you need to finish it.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

DUCJC2015 Project #19

DUCJC2015 #19:

Started 1/24. Train cross stitch kit. I love this little train, especially the candy cane wheels! Another ornament for the tree. I hope to have my tree decked out this year! Since I am having so many starts these smalls I can finish up really quickly - so I hope to have alot of finishes this year.

Since it is now the 25th - just a little after midnight here - I only have 6 more starts to catch up. I need to also decide this week if I want to continue this challenge into Febuary. I am kinda on the fence about it. At first I thought I would do Jan. and Feb. but I am finding it difficult to start all these new starts, but at the same time it is kinda fun to start!!

DUCJC2015 Project #18

DUCJC2015 #18:

Started 1/24. Beehive Wind Chimes Dimensions Kit. I would like to get this one done for Spring/Summer. I think it's such a cute design, and I love the butterflies and bees! It even comes with the chimes.

I think I got a good little start on this.

DUCJC2015 Project #17

DUCJC2015 #17:

Started 1/24. Wreath ornament. Another cute one for the tree this year. Although this one is small it has alot of confetti stitching and color changes, but I just love this little wreath!

 I am getting caught up on my new starts. Need to start 7 more - well 8 by tomorrow. Should be able to get most of those started :)

DUCJC2015 Project #16

DUCJC2015 #16:

Started 1/24. Mill Hill Kit Boo Ghost. The little that I got stitched I really enjoyed it. I want to get me a small Halloween tree this year to display these on or a metal hanger tree.

DUCJC2015 Project #15

DUCJC2015 #15:

Started 1/24 - Santa's Bedtime. Another ornament for the Christmas tree. I think this one is so cute!

DUCJC2015 Project #14 & Valentine SAL Update

DUCJC2015 #14 and Valentine SAL Update:

Started this project on the 14th, as that is when the SAL started. This is what has mainly gotten me off track with the DUCJC2015. There is a month to get it complete, and I almost have it done. I have even more done from Thursday. I plan on working on it some more tonight. The first picture is what I got done on the 14th. Also the green you see is my own hand dye, and I love the way it stitched up in this project.

DUCJC2015 Project #13

DUCJC2015 #13:

Mill Hill Kit Stocking. I got a good little start on this one. (Started 1/24) This will be another one for the Christmas tree :)

DUCJC2015 Project #12

 DUCJC2015 #12:

Started this one on Jan. 23. After project #11 (Jan. 11th) I haven't stayed on track, but I am trying to get caught up now. I managed to get quite a few done today. I just love this one, and it's going to make a cute ornament. I really want to get quite a few cross stitch/handmade ornaments made for my tree this coming Christmas. I will take a piece of white ribbon and tie it to the frame for a hanger.

DUCJC2015 Project #11

DUCJC2015 #11:

Here is my 11th project and it's called Christmas in the Colonies. I almost managed to get it finished - just needed 3 boarders to do. I plan on making this into an ornament. Started Jan. 11th.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Cross Stitch Haul

Hello Everyone out there in Blogger Land :) 

I wanted to post some stitchy haul, and share with you all - that is part of the fun isn't it ;)

As you can tell I love Mill Hill kits! They are so fun to stitch. 

I want to get the Bee Happy wind chime done soon to display for Spring. I started the little Snowman tonight for the DUCJC2015. I will post an update on that tomorrow and also update my Valentine SAL. I have more stitchy mail to take pics of and show you all. I have to get this stuff sorted and put away!

I didn't get to much stitching done today as I was busy with errands most of the day, and then once I got home my daughter wanted me to take her to a friend's house to stay the night, so even more running around. I think I will be able to finish off my Valentine SAL tomorrow though :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Valentine SAL "Be My Valentine"

Here is my Valentine SAL that I started on Jan. 14th and this is my progress as of Jan. 20th. I stitched on it today and got quite a bit done, but didn't take a picture as it's late and I am tired.

Here is my pattern that I chose - it's called Be My Valentine. We was suppose to chose a design that we could finish in a month's time (Jan. 14th - Feb. 14th). I may even be able to finish this up tomorrow :) I am so excited cause to the best of my memory this is the first Valentine stitching that I have done. I was thinking about making it into a flat fold or framing it.

Progress that I managed to get done on Jan. 14th:

This pattern called for a Classic Colorworks Poblano Green, but I hand dyed my own floss for this and I am loving it! I called this color of mine Green Pepper :) As it reminds me of the colors of green peppers of course! I am really enjoying working with my own hand dyed floss, as this is the first of several I dyed last week.

Progress as of Jan. 19th:

Progress as of Jan. 20th:

Sunday, January 11, 2015

DUCJC2015 Project #10

DUCJC2015 #10:

This is a Mill Hill Kit Snowman. I don't have much left on this one to do. I was working on it last night and after I had to frog a row I figured it was time to stop... getting tired and making mistakes! I want these Christmas type ones for my tree this coming year.

DUCJC2015 Project #9

DUCJC2015 #9:

This is a Stratford Point Lighthouse. I love natuical themed stitches, and I think it's really cool when it's a real place. Love the red on this one! It also comes with the "rope" to attach to it after stitching.

DUCJC2015 Project #8

DUCJC2015 #8:

Mill Hill Crescent Santa. I managed to get everything done except for the beard which with me still getting over a severe cold was more than I wanted to think about. So as soon as I figure out how to do the beard that will be a fast finish :)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Year New Start Progress Update #2

New Year New Start Progress Update #2

Jan. 2, 2015 I managed to get this much done from the 1st:

Jan. 5, 2015: This is what I managed since Jan. 2nd's stitching. I also stitched on it the 6th and have this rose completed, and started on some leaves, but the next time I pick it back up and stitch on it some more I will update it. After getting off to a rocky start with getting this kit ready for stitching, I am now really enjoying it :)