Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Hello Everyone :)

How are you doing? I hope everyone is well and stitching away!!

I have been stitching away myself. I have made some good progress on my Dimensions Morning Praise kit. I wished so bad that I had switched out the aida for a 28 ct evenweave. I'm just not enjoying aida that comes in the kits really anymore. This piece in this kit though is really stiff. It has softened up some since I have been stitching on it. I am loving the design, and I will love the finish piece when it's all said and done - lol! Here's my progess on it:

I did finish up my Mill Hill Frosty Presents. I just love this little guy! I think the fringe on the scarf is really neat. It's called a fringe stitch, so when you clip the loops the fringe won't pull out. I need to FFO him. I bought some felt last week at AC Moore to back him with. Will post a pic when I get him finished up. 

Since finishing this small M.H. kit, I need to find another small out of my WIPS to work on in between Morning Praise. Sometimes when working on a large project I need a break to work on something small. I am thinking about picking back up these little stocking ornaments. Will post a pic of what I choose.

I recorded some more on Monday for this coming week's FlossTube on YouTube. I plan on adding more to that video. I wanted to record today, but the weather is very icky, gray, and rainy today. On top of it, I am sensitive to weather changes and this rain has given me a pretty bad headache!

I hope everyone is stitching to their hearts content and that the 'ole frog stays in the pond :)

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