Sunday, October 30, 2016

It's Been Awhile - Life Happens Plus a Hurricane!

   Well it's been since the first of August that I have made a blog post (or a YouTube video for that matter). Life has happened - as it does for all of us - and Hurricane Matthew hit us pretty good, but not as bad as some were, even in our area.

   I have been stitching quite a bit and have some finishes. I may not get to all of them in this post, as I want to get back to stitching :) Three days ago I started a new project that I had been wanting to start for a long while.

The middle of August it was time to worry with back to school for my girls. Then on my son's 21st birthday on the way to his birthday dinner with all of us, he was in a car accident and totaled his girlfriends car he was driving (no drinking and driving was invlolved!). Then in Sept. and Oct. I was taking my one daughter to alot of doctor appt.'s and a medical test. Then Hurricane Matthew hit us here in SC pretty darn good! We live about 25 miles from the coast. We lost some trees - a pretty big chunk off my really big Bradford Pear tree right in front of my porch, and the power went out, but we luckily had a generator. Alot of people living near the ocean and then the ones close to the rivers lost alot. So the damage we had was small compared to what some families lost - everything!

Here is a few pics from the damage to my big tree damage, and hubby doing clean-up.

   Onto stitching news - I started working on this kit of  25 small Christmas ornaments. I stitch one when I need a break from my bigger projects, and I can get one done in several hours.

   Here is some cute needleminders I got for a good deal as the person was selling off some needleminders in stock that she was no longer going to offer :) Lucky me!!

    I have quite a few more finishes including a couple more of the Christmas ornies, but I am going to end this blog post here. I will try and get another post up in the next few days to share more :)

I hope everyone is doing well and that life is good for ya'll!

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  1. cute stitching! So sorry to hear of all your troubles!!!