Thursday, February 16, 2017

Three More Finishes ~ Moving Right Along!

Well, I have managed three more finishes since Valentine's Day. I finished one on the 14th and two on the 15th. I have 10 more of these various designs to do and they will all be complete. I will then need to finish them off into ornaments.

I received some Weeks Dye Works and Gentle Arts Threads in the mail on Monday for some Lizzie Kate Jan. - Dec. Flip It's. I am looking forward to getting to those eventually.

It is a beautiful sunny day here in South Carolina. A little chill this morning, but the high is suppose to be 57*. That's a little chillier than it has been. By the weekend it's suppose to be back in the low 70's - my kind of weather :) Before long it will be time to get the pool opened up. Hubby told me the other day to go ahead and start ordering the chemicals for it.

On another note, I have an ultrasound on my thyroid this afternoon at 1:30 pm. I have to have one yearly cause there is several small nodules on there they like to keep an eye on. I also need to schedule a mammogram while there as I am overdue for one as I have to have them yearly. I am now 39, but when I was 31 I had uterine cancer, so they keep a close watch on everything. I had a colonoscopy last March, and I have to have them every 5 years! Better safe than sorry, so PLEASE everyone get your screenings!! 

I made it to the gym yesterday. I only managed 30 minutes flat cause I was pressed for time. I had to pick up my daughter, but at least I went. I may take today off from the gym since I have the test, but we will see. I went 3 days last week, and 2 days so far this week. My goal is the minimum of 3 days a week starting out, and then increase it from there. I do also have several chronic conditions so there is days I just hurt really bad, but I am prevailing and that is what matters. Baby steps!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day/evening/night depending on what part of the world you are in!

                                              4th Finish of the Year 02/14/17

5th Finish of the Year 02/15/17

6th Finish of the Year 02/15/17

Threads I got in the mail for the LK project :)

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