Sunday, February 26, 2017

Five More Finishes This Year and Craft Studio Update!!

Hello Everyone :) 

I hope this finds you all well and in good spirits! We have been having some amazing weather here in coastal South Carolina, and from what I have seen people post on Facebook, even people up North are getting some nice Spring weather. 

I have managed another 5 cross stitch finishes since my last post on the Christmas ornaments (see pics below). I am working on another one, but I haven't stitched on anything since Thursday night. Cause:

Friday I went to the local Quilt Gala (more on that to come in another post), yesterday after getting up and getting breakfast and riding to the lumbar store with the hubby (he is now expanding his storage shed), me and my girls worked ALL DAY and I mean All day out in my quilt studio. I call it a quilt studio, but I guess it could also be called a craft studio, cause it does contain some of my totes of cross stitch kits and I have a bookshelf with patterns upon patterns, and also I have designated an area for where I am going to have my own space to make handmade soap out there instead of in my kitchen. It also has my painting and mixed media stuff out there. Lots of goodies to play with :) I came in for about and hour to grill steaks, cook mushrooms and boil the ears of corn for supper. After that those little slave drivers of mine (my 17 yr old twins) wanted to keep going until all the totes and bags was put away, but about 8:30 last night I called quilts. Me and Elizabeth went out there this morning and worked for about an hour to and hour-and-a-half and got some done before she went to her friends house, but we are going to work on it some more after school tomorrow. After we get the quilting goodies all organized, we have to get all my soaping things put away! Oh and this past Monday, while they were off from school for President's Day, we worked 6 hrs out there. I have a pic they snapped from Monday, but alot more has been organized and cleaned up yesterday and today :)

In other news, I will be getting to go to Quilt Week in Daytona, FL this coming week!!! Squee! This will be my first big show ever so far! I am so looking forward to test driving the longarm quilt machines to see which one I am interested in, so when I am ready to make my purchase I will know what I want! I have had one of the small arm quilting machines and frame for 10 yrs now, and I have used it maybe  6 times cause I don't like all the stopping and starting due to not having enough quilt throat space for the designs I want to do. Like I mentioned, I went to our small local show on Friday, but I am sure it will be nothing like this one. I get a day and a half to go, so we will be staying 2 days in Daytona, and then we will stay a night in Port Canaveral, as we are leaving for a 7 day cruise on Sat.! Really excited about that too - the timing worked out perfect :) 

I do plan on stitching here in a little bit - yay! I wanted to update the blog before my exciting week coming up, and then the following week I will be on the cruise. I may post another time or two, as I want to share some pictures from the Local Quilt Gala also before leaving out Weds.! 

Take Care and enjoy the beautiful weather (that is if you are having some, if not stay warm!)

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7th Finish of the Year!

8th Finish of the Year!

9th Finish of the Year!

10th Finish of the Year!

11th Finish of the Year!

Progress on Monday 2/20 after working 6 hrs on organizing.

Progress on Monday 2/20 after working 6 hrs on organizing.

Progress on Monday 2/20 after working 6 hrs on organizing. Now all the totes and boxes are cleared from under the cutting table. Will post updated pics from the marathon yesterday (2/25) of organizing!

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