Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Updates On My Stitching Projects, Chatter, and Stitchy Mail

Hello Everyone :)

Hope ya'll are doing good :) We are getting hit with a bad storm system here on the east coast. Hope everyone is safe and okay in Alabama and Georgia who had some tornado's. We've got heavy rain, lightning, and winds. So please stay safe and dry <3

I have been concentrating on my L&L Angel of Grace, and stitching some here and there on the Shamrock. I am anxiously wanting and projecting on getting Angel of Grace done. Can't wait to see her all done! Thinking of my next project after her. I may work on some medium sized ones to get a handful of projects I am looking forward to doing. I am already working on a game plan ;)

I don't really want to say too much right now, but I have some exciting news to announce soon :) Will keep you updated on that when the time comes!

I should have another Floss Tube video up tomorrow. I will post here on the blog when I do. I seem to be doing pretty good on getting back into recording. I am planning on tomorrow or Friday getting started on next week's. Hope ya'll are enjoying them :)

I also have some stitchy haul to share also. It's not everything I have gotten as I share that in the Floss Tube videos.

I hope everyone has been stitching away!! Talk to you soon :)





Beautiful Needle Minders :)

Not exactly true to color, but close enough.

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