Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Birthday Last Thursday and Chatter...

   Hello Everyone :) Hope all is well with you. 

   Last Thursday (11/10) was my birthday. I had a pretty good day. I stitched some but not as much as I wanted to cause things to do with the ones I love. Me and my son went to breakfast, and then I came home and stitched. On the way to breakfast though we found a dog on the side of the road, and she was about to get hit by a car any minute and she was nothing but skin and bones and had a handful of ticks on her. I couldn't stand the thought of that poor baby suffering anymore than she had, so on our way to breakfast we stopped and put her in my car and I brought her to my house gave her water and food. I have a big fenced in backyard so we left her to eat and rest while we grabbed breakfast. I already have 4 dogs and I knew I couldn't keep her - she was a beagle - so when I got back home I called around and found an animal care center that would take her. That way she could also get vet care that she needed, a warm place to sleep, plenty of food and water, and a new loving family. So I took her there that afternoon. Shortly after I got back it was about time to go out for my birthday dinner. I chose Walbugers. Had a nice evening out, came home, and booked another cruise for April and we are going to book a 13 day cruise sometime over the weekend. We are set to leave in about 27 days for a 9 day cruise - yes, we love cruising!! So all in all it was a good birthday - now if we could just hit the pause button for at least several hundred years so I can get my stash all stitched up..LOL!!! 

   Onto stitching now :) Here is another finish back on October 18th. Here it was Halloween and I'm stitching Summer - LOL!! It was still nice warm weather here at the time. This was a DUCJC2015 start. I managed to get alot of those finished this year. I didn't participate this year, but with alot of 2015's finished I may start this coming year's DUCJC2017!

Country Cottage Needleworks - "Ladybugs and Bumblebees"

Up next was another Summer finish that I completed October 27th. I love this one and it was an  older Dimensions kit that I had in my stash and acquired some years ago (I just happen to be looking on walmart.com and saw this kit for sale at a great price!). It was a quick stitch for me and I finished it in 8 days! 

                 Dimensions Kit - Welcome Mat #6978   

Here is just a tiny bit of stash that I get in the mail most months  ;) I manage to snag these for a really good price. I love Mill Hill Kits <3 I've been trying to resist starting one of these.

   I don't have anymore finishes at the moment to share, so up next I will post about what I am currently working on - well, I am working on 2 projects now cause I couldn't resist one I started Saturday. 

   I haven't stitched any yesterday or today. Yesterday I was busy cleaning up some around the house and getting some papers straight that needed my attention, and then today I was gone almost all day taking care of errands. The next few days I am going to stitch, stitch, stitch!! On Friday afternoon though I may have to take my son's girlfriend to meet him halfway in Wilmington, NC as they are going to the Marine Ball.

   I hope everyone is well and stitching away :)

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