Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Here's What I am Currently Working On

   Hello Fellow Stitchers :) Hope ya'll have been stitching away!

   Finally I have gotten all caught up (for the most part) of what all I have accomplished since this past August. Now I can share what I am currently working on :)

   First I wanted to chat about how my stitching style has changed. I use to love and I mean love starting something new all the time - or was it out of boredom that came quickly when I was stitching on that current project LOL!! I think personally it was a combination of both. I have noticed though in the last year and a half my stitching style has changed dramatically. Now I almost exclusively stitch on 1 project at a time. Currently though I have been stitching on this Lavender and Lace since finishing the Welcome Mat I showed you in the last post. I was getting really tired of it and needed a change and the Christmas Cheer was really calling me, so I did start it up this past Saturday. I could have it done in a week's time if I was exclusively stitching it, but I am using it as my in between when I need to take a break from the L&L project. There is the little mini ornaments kit that I shared several posts back, but I consider each little stocking or mitten as a little start and finish, and I can get one of those done in an evening. I haven't started another since finishing the last one. To finish my thoughts on this, I have found that this year so far, is my most finishes yet in my 20 years of stitching! I do tend to be a pretty fast stitcher (most days) and hence The Flying Needle name of the blog ;) so if I concentrate on 1 project at a time I seem to get more finishes. Now FFO'ing is a whole 'nother story but I will talk about that in another post.

   Here she is - Lavender and Lace's Angel of Grace. She is my first ever L&L and I couldn't be more happy to work on her. I worked on her today which would be Day 12 (not pictured here) and I got alot more done on her. Now that I am caught up I will keep it updated here on the blog. I didn't post everyday that I worked on her but Day 1 thru Day 11 with a few days in between to show my progress as I went. If you want to see all the days you can check out my Instagram @stayinginstitches

   I set a lofty personal goal of having her complete for 2016, but with the holidays, and our cruise 3 weeks away I may have to rethink that goal!!

   Here is my "take a break from the big project" start that I started this past Saturday. This one was really calling to me and had been in my stash for a really long while now. I think it really called to me cause of Christmas being so close around the corner. Speaking of which we are planning on getting our Christmas put up promptly after Thanksgiving due to the cruise. Also when we went last year on a cruise 2 days after Thanksgiving it was such a festive time on the boat. They had a special evening of lighting the Christmas tree and blowing "snowflakes", so I am very much looking forward to this one!!

   Well it's late and time for bed. It seems I usually like doing my blog posts of a night. I guess I like my collective thoughts at the end of the day. I hope everyone is getting prepared for Thanksgiving (if you celebrate or recognize it). I've got to get the turkey tomorrow or Friday and some of the fixin's. If I remember I will snap a pic of my plate to show ya'll what all I fix. I tend to have the same menu every year and also at Christmas and Easter dinner, and these special times the kids always looks forward to those meals. 

   Take care and talk real soon. Have a great stitchy time :)

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