Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy First Day of Spring & More Finishes

Hello Ya'll :)

I hope everyone has enjoyed the first day of Spring and everything that entails. The newness and freshness ahead, along with the rebirth of the ground and flowers is something I look forward to. I love Spring - except for the pollen I am allergic to lol! It was a nice 65* here today, and suppose to be 80* tomorrow. After returning from the cruise all last week was a lot like winter, but hopefully it will stay warm now. I am starting to think about the flowers, vegetables, and herbs I want to plant.

I finished another ornament last night and the last and final of the 25th one a little while ago. So all the ornaments that was in that kit is done. Well, done with the stitching of them, now I have to FFO them, but they will be ready for the tree this year :)

I have decided to get back to my L&L Angel of Grace. It's just so spring like that it is what is calling to me. I will probably work on a smaller WIP or a Mill Hill or something of the like in between when I need a break.

On the chest cold front, it is really trying to hang on. I just wish it would hurry up and go away!!! I have so much I want to be doing but me not feeling a 100% is holding me up!

Hope everyone is doing good and stitching away :)

                              16th Finish of the Year. Finished 03/19/17

                                 17th Finish of the Year. Finished 03/20/17

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