Sunday, March 19, 2017

Myrtle Beach, SC 23rd Annual Quilt Gala ~ Quilt Show 02/24/17

Hello Everyone,

After my blog post earlier I worked on making a video of all the pictures I took at the local Quilt Gala I went to at the end of February. There was alot of pictures, and it would take alot to share all of them on the social media platforms, so I thought it would be great to do a video :)

I really enjoyed the show, and it was a little challenging to get pictures of the larger quilts along with it being crowded, but I think I done pretty good overall.

Here is the one and only thing I purchased at this quilt show, as I knew we was going to the big show in Daytona and then on the cruise, so I wanted to allot my money elsewhere, as I can go to most of these places locally:

It has beautiful soft romantic colors. I will have to come up with a beautiful quilt for this <3

Speaking of which I managed to get a little more done on my quilt studio before leaving out. I hope to finish it up this coming weekend if I am better.

I will also probably make a video of the AQS Quilt Week Daytona Show and of our cruise. Will do a blog post on that when I get it up.

I hope you enjoy looking at all the beautiful quilts :)

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