Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Valentine SAL "Be My Valentine"

Here is my Valentine SAL that I started on Jan. 14th and this is my progress as of Jan. 20th. I stitched on it today and got quite a bit done, but didn't take a picture as it's late and I am tired.

Here is my pattern that I chose - it's called Be My Valentine. We was suppose to chose a design that we could finish in a month's time (Jan. 14th - Feb. 14th). I may even be able to finish this up tomorrow :) I am so excited cause to the best of my memory this is the first Valentine stitching that I have done. I was thinking about making it into a flat fold or framing it.

Progress that I managed to get done on Jan. 14th:

This pattern called for a Classic Colorworks Poblano Green, but I hand dyed my own floss for this and I am loving it! I called this color of mine Green Pepper :) As it reminds me of the colors of green peppers of course! I am really enjoying working with my own hand dyed floss, as this is the first of several I dyed last week.

Progress as of Jan. 19th:

Progress as of Jan. 20th:


  1. It looks great Susan. Nice progress.


  2. Thank you so much Linda. I really appreciate your interest in my blog :)