Saturday, January 24, 2015

DUCJC2015 Project #19

DUCJC2015 #19:

Started 1/24. Train cross stitch kit. I love this little train, especially the candy cane wheels! Another ornament for the tree. I hope to have my tree decked out this year! Since I am having so many starts these smalls I can finish up really quickly - so I hope to have alot of finishes this year.

Since it is now the 25th - just a little after midnight here - I only have 6 more starts to catch up. I need to also decide this week if I want to continue this challenge into Febuary. I am kinda on the fence about it. At first I thought I would do Jan. and Feb. but I am finding it difficult to start all these new starts, but at the same time it is kinda fun to start!!


  1. I love all of your new starts Susan. Especially like the little ornaments as I have dozens and dozens of them. It doesn't matter if your behind you'll get caught up.


  2. Aww thank you Linda! Your encouragement helps alot :)