Wednesday, January 28, 2015

DUCJC2015 Project #28 and Pink Hand Dyed Fabby :)

DUCJC2015 #28:

Started 1/28.

Hello Everyone :) So glad you have stopped by to visit me! I think this is the most I have ever blogged in my entire life ~ LOL! I am thoroughly enjoying it. So besides having lots of fun with the DUCJC2015 I have come away with an appreciation of blogging!

First off I wanted to show you the start of me dyeing my Aida that came in this kit, and then the finished result. I love dyeing as it is such a fun process and you never really know what results you are going to get until it's done. The HARD part is having patience..teehee! I think, or to me personally, it makes it really extra fun to stitch on a project when there is some hand dyed fabric or floss. I really love the variances in color. With me also being a quilter I really love, love, love color!

Secondly, is my progress on my new start on my hand dyed fabric. The computer screen on my end is showing it darker than in real life, but good enough to get a good idea. Once again it is dark here or I would probably get better pictures in daylight, but this is just when the time for me to get pics and blog and update on Facebook.

Thirdly, I have been working on the last 2.5 days working on DUCJC2015 Project #4. I was really bad sick when I started that project. Isn't it funny how you can remember life events when you see certain projects! Actually I am farther along than this as this was my starting point for today and I have 3 or 4 leave completely stitched on it, and getting ready to start a morning glory. I should have this one done by the weekend!

Lastly, my hubby had to take me to the ER last night around 11 pm. Yesterday morning I woke up with severe right side mid abdomen pain and it went around to my lower back. I also got nauseous on my stomach. I was going to have him take me yesterday morning, but as I was taking a shower to leave for the ER, it subsided quite a bit. For the remainder of the day, I didn't feel good, and still felt somewhat sick to my stomach. After looking symptoms up on Google I started worrying that it was possibly my appendix, so when the pain came back intense last night I had him take me. They done a CAT Scan, took urine, and gave me morphine for pain and something for the nausea. CAT Scan showed my appendix to be fine and he said he couldn't see any big kidney stone, but there was some blood in my urine, so he was thinking I probably passed a kidney stone, even though I have never had any before. He told me to come back if in 12-24 hours iy pain comes back or doesn't get any better. There has been a little residual pain today, but nothing like yesterday. I have been having some kidney problems as the last of November and the first of Decemeber I had to go to the doctor regarding a kidney infection and then a bladder infection, so I am wondering if it was due to kidney stone issues. He did say there wasn't any infection in my urine so that was one good thing. 


  1. I see the pictures Susan but how do you dye your fabric.


  2. Linda, I done it using Rit and the ice dyeing method. Wet my fabric, scrunched it up, put it in a clean empty butter bowl (something you don't mind ruining) Covered the top entirely with ice, and sprinkled powder Rit in Petal Pink on top, then sprinkled some salt on top of that, and let it sit overnight. Rinsed it out today, and put it in a vingear bath (a little vingear and warm water), and then rinsed again. Air dried it then ironed it on low setting. Let me know if you need anymore advice or help. Next time I dye a piece I will do a step by step or maybe a Youtube video.