Monday, January 26, 2015

DUCJC Project #26

DUCJC2015 #26:

Started 1/26. I have wanted to start this kit for a really long time. I even managed to buy 2 of these kits - LOL! I just love the hummingbird, butterflies, flowers, and bees and the look of this one.

This also gets me caught up on this challenge - YEAH!!

On another note I finished my Project #14 last night which is also my Valentine SAL. I meant to iron it and take a picture of it today, but my daughter was home really bad sick today, and I took her to the doctor. The test for the flu came back negative, but all her symptoms point to the flu, and the doctor said with this new strain of flu it was making them come back a false negative. So he put her on Tamiflu and gave her something for he nausea. She will be home til Thursday probably.

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