Thursday, January 8, 2015

DUCJC2015 Project #5

DUCJC2015 #5:

Started Jan 5, 2015. 

After getting out at the ER at about 3 am early Monday morning and getting some rest, I was able to stitch just a little on this new start later that evening. I have had this one kitted up for awhile and had been looking forward to it, but with me being sick I wasn't enjoying it as much as I thought I would. 

At this point I was really starting to question my sanity on doing all these new starts, but decided to keep at it until I got better. In the last 2 years my stitching of projects has shifted from what it use to be. I use to love to start new projects and not finish very many, but in the last 2 yrs I tend to work mainly, but not exclusively on one project. I will work on a good size project, but take little breaks in between on much smaller ones and finish the small (hence where my stash of Mill Hill kits come into play), and then work back on the bigger project till it's done. So with all these new starts (plus me being so sick) was freaking me out a little! But I am going to at least stick with 31 new starts. I had initially planned on the 59, but that may be a bit much! I will see how I feel when it gets closer to the 31st :)

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